Papillon Haven Rescue
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Honoring Nell McKay by Elizabeth & Dudley Schneider
Memorial for Madeline Deanna Vose  ~ 16 Mar 2009

John & Mary Rausch
Will & Patricia Stout
Jon & Larissa Daily
Don LaRue
Rita Sanders
Rooks County 4-H Club
Jimmy and Jennifer Debey
Ann M. Malosh
Abby Jakoplic
Carol A. Smith
Dodge City Kennel Club
In Memory of Auntie - Bertie Lunaas ~
11 March 1920 - 11 July 2008
Jan & Al Jorolan

IMO Annie Girl.. Not gone, but just gone ahead... 
We miss and love you Annie Girl...
Until we meet again...
your foster mom and dad, and all your foster brothers and sisters...
Terri Kent and family 
"It came to me that every time I lose a dog they take a piece of my heart with them. 
And every new dog who comes into my life gifts me with a piece of their heart.
If I live long enough, all the components of my heart will be dog, and I will
become as generous and loving as they are" Zuccaro

Pamela Conner in Memory of Bandit
June 2009

In Memory of Rikki by Michelle Huss

In Loving Memory of Bell Sundberg
      from Rose and Mya Engler 

There once was an old gal named Bell
Who came from a place we'll call hell
It was cold and very scary
and it made her oh so weary
She just dreamt of escaping her cell
                                        Then Paphaven came to her aid
                                        Miss Bell knew that she just had it made
                                        She moved in with Nancy
                                        and it made it feel fancy,
                                        And a warm bed is now where she laid

                                    So Miss Bell's real dream finally came true
                                       A furever home where she didn't feel blue
                                       She was warm and well fed
                                       and had a nice comfy bed
                                      And there were plenty of bones to chew.
                                           Years went by and Miss Bell did grow old
                                       But she knew in her heart she would never be sold
                                       She lived on Rum River
                                       and never did shiver
                                           And that's how her story was told.

                                Bell now lives in our hearts and our minds
                                       And her friends really miss her, her kind
                                       At Rainbow Bridge there are no pants,
                                       now you can really, really dance
                                             We love you Miss Bell, your the best we could find.

Miss Lucky Penny, my Papillon Princess....
you were "the dog of my life". I will always miss you.
Judy Maxey
In Memory of Lindsay Megan Haney. 8/4/93 - 8/14/09 
Love,   Betty "Nana" Haney
Choose your butterfly.
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In Loving Memory of Gilbert Bancroft, my Father
Those who Remember:
First United Federal Credit Union
Joseph & Amanda Roper                  Jo Ellen Meerman
Courtney Rosel                                 Eric & Sarah Buchanan
Bryan & Jessica Buist                      James & Carol Kane
In Memory of Maureen Twombly
            OrionDk Promotional Products
For Joni, my Papillon baby, fly free.....
     Debbie Bassett
In Memory of  MAGHEE... loved & missed by all.   
  In memory of sweet Beloved Pearl.  You brought more joy into my life than you will ever know, my precious baby girl. I will forever miss the way  your eyes always lit up when you saw me and the way you
followed my  every step. I will  miss the way you 
got all excited each time I came home from work and
would run in circles 
with happiness. Your passing has left a huge hole in my heart, Pearlie girlie, but I
 know that now you are flying free at Rainbow Bridge and are no longer suffering from the cancer that
took over your beautiful little body. You lived a long life of 14 years, and I am so very proud to have been
your Mommy. One day we will be together again, my angel baby. I know you will be waiting with excitement
to see me and will once again have those bright little eyes light up and run in circles when I come to you.
I love you now and forever, Pearl!

In loving memory of Kandi Sue Norton, who was stollen from us on Sunday, 
March 14, 2010. She was the love of my life, my "heart" dog! Kandi will forever 
be missed and loved, and we will always cherish the wonderful memories she 
gave us during the five years we were so blessed to be her Mama and Daddy. 
You are in my prayers everyday, my precious little angel girl. Mama loves you 
now and always. Only God knows how very much I miss you, Kandi.
  Mom Kathy  
Honoring Mary & Paul Fournier
     from Audrey & Dwight Littlefield
In Memory of Chuck Evans and his beloved Splash and Chance
           Nancy Pinke
"Happy 25th Anniversaryto Lynn Guerra and Arlene Robbins"
          Todd Feltner 
          A+ English LLC 
          Michelle Phillips 
          Philip & Ival Lang 
          Patricia L Mingle
                                        In loving memory of Stella, now the brightest star in heaven.
A pet’s time on earth is far too short, especially for those that love them.  We borrow them, really, just for a while, and during these brief years they are generous enough to give us all their love, every inch of their spirit and heart, until one day there is nothing left…. Deep down we somehow always knew that this journey would end.  We knew that if we gave our hearts they would be broken.   But give them we must for it is all they ask in return.  When the time comes, and the road curves ahead to a place we cannot see, we give one final gift and let them run on ahead, young and whole once more.
“Go now and run free, good friend,” we say, until our journey comes full circle and our paths cross again.  And our journey will come full circle.      (Excerpt from "The Journey")
  She is dearly remembered and sadly missed by Janice, her “aunt” Judy, and her grandmom Robina.

In Honor of Don's 80th Birthday
     Lois Fox
     JoAnn & Howard Preston

     from Liz Castelgrant
In Memory of Grady Riley
papillon lover & breeder
   by Carolyn Bush

In Memory of Christian Michael House

from Allison Johnson

In Memory of Lorraine Cerer, wonderful mom and animal lover.
                   from Jim & Rita Cady
In Honor of Linda Ecklund
  Thank you for all you do....
           Gretchen Smith
FOR THE LOVE OF DINI - our little sweetheart
      Linda & Donald Kasprzyk

                  IN GRATITUDE
                  Thanks to Lucy Colluran and Lyndell for meeting my family in Santa Maria, so that we could meet Phebe and Goochi...we thought that they were adorable! ...Pap Haven is awesome!
                        gina de michael

In memory of Darrel Bruesehoff.
He was a great friend and wonderful "Dog Dad" to his beloved Papillons.
Nancy Pinke

In Memory of MADDY...

Maddy was the happiest, loving dog ever.. She was bright, alert and a faithful companion. Our family grieves at her passing.

beloved Papillon of Dave
Remembering Martin Robert Gerst "Marty"
Phoebe Gerst (picture) mourns the death of her best FatherFriend,
Martin Robert Gerst who left her and his wife, Judith, on December 2, 2011 after a short illness.  Marty, a long time Houston resident, was active and happily walked with Judith and Phoebe every evening after work in the Dog Park.
      Also Remembered by:
        Phyllis Dorr
        Fran Etner
        Joan Kirschenbaum
        Jane Frost
        Susan Kopplin
        Jerry Goldstein
        Joyce Roquemore
        Stephanie Maierson
        Judy Amonett
        Donna Siegel
       Joe & Marilyn Patterson

 Our beloved friend of extraordinary giving
 Melany & William Watson

A contribution on behalf of Blair S. McKay of Upsilanti MI, proud dad of 2 darling Papillons    by Elizabeth & Dudley Schneider
In memory of Chere Romano
She loved Papillons and will be missed by all who knew and loved her.
Nancy Pinke

He was a blessing to have and will never be forgotten
He was truly lovoed.

Special thanks to my family, friends and Dr Milton and staff.
Memorial for Palmear Donson from Annie Donsono
June 4th 2009

Goodbye sweet friends! We will meet again at Rainbow Bridge.

Monday 20 February 2012. Mom died peacefully late Monday afternoon surrounded      
            by  love. We are grateful for her in our lives and that she is no longer in pain!
                       daughter, Sandy Hardwick & family
                       Carol Stewart

Remembering Sweet Pepper
        In Memory of Iris
 daughter of LeROI’s Fire and Ice “Flair” and Innoki de Costalina,
who died in a tragic accident at 14 weeks of age. We miss you, little pistol.
Mom and Dad, Sapphire, Stetson, Sheena, Skyler, Stasia and Mommy Flair

In Memory of Martha Weidemann
        mother of Joyce Young and grandmother of Sapphire,
        Stetson, Sheena, Skyler, Stasia, Flair and Iris (at the rainbow bridge).

Remembering TOBY BURCH, beloved Papillon of Martha and Jim Burch, who has passed over the Rainbow Bridge.
       Brian Westra

Pepper had her little quirks, including turning into Cujo at the vet’s office, but she was the sweetest little girl despite them. She was always ready to greet everyone who visited, and was especially loved by her grandmom. She loved her walks and would sit patiently waiting by the door-until she decided she had waited long enough and let you know about it in no uncertain terms. She could also wake you up in the morning if she needed to go out; sleeping in was not an option if Pepper was ready to get up. She was happy with a belly rub, a treat, and a comfortable bed. She is lovingly remembered by mom Janice, Aunt Judy, grandmom Robina; and very much missed by papillon sister Jinx.
And think of her as living
In the hearts of those she touched
For nothing loved is ever lost-
And she was loved so much.

(From “Her Journey’s Just Begun” by Ellen Brennaman)

from her friend Janet Warren

If you wish you may choose a BUTTERFLY for your memorial.
Mother of Chris Carlson.....
     Katherine Michaels
Always in our hearts.
Gary and Inez Edwards

Gizmo who was always a Happy Boy and taught us to laugh all the time!
 His paw print is forever on our hearts.
                                          Miss you Good Boy!

Lexie will always be as close as a memory. It will be the little things that we will   
 remember: her cute little “aroo” howl for food, her dancing feet, her toy twice her
 size, and her endless search for the perfect lap to sit on. We cherish these
 memories as she was cherished in life, and what the heart has once cherished,
 it can never lose.  

There are no goodbyes for us. Wherever you are, you will always be in my heart.....Gandhi
                        Janice Geroni

GABRIELLA known as GABBY, the cause
of my passion to rescue Papillons.  Loved deeply by her Mom and thankful for the 15 years with her.
           Jan Jorolan

It only takes a few minutes as a member of PapHaven to see that our director, Jan Jorolan is our own little “Energizer Butterfly”. She is always available to anyone trying to contact her. Her bright and happy “Hi there” is a welcome sound when one of us is trying to deal with our own problems or worries. What many of you may not know is that Jan recently had shoulder surgery. While recovering some of our members decided to make a “nice memory” out of her situation! A beautiful plant was sent to her home and additional donations were made.The board made an executive decision to donate the remainder of the funds we collected to PapHaven in Jan’s honor. And guess what? We were so sneaky about it that Jan never found out until now. It is just a small token of our respect and admiration for our fearless “Energizer Butterfly”.
               Thanks Jan for all you do.
               Your PapHaven Family

Stryker Houdini, my beautiful sunny memory; jumping high and running fast; racing Willie to
                               catch  the squirrel; loving FOOD; snuggling; alone time with me; using his outside 
                               voice to scare away intruders or meet me at the door....Gone way too soon.
                                    We will remember......           
Elizabeth Nesbitt

My dear Rocky -my first Papillon. Because of him I became interested in the breed which led me
        to Papillon Haven Rescue. It is because of him I have since fostered over 15 Papillons.
        It's because of him, those lives were saved.
                                 I will always love you.

                                                Nancy Sundberg

My mother Zelda and our little papillon girl Bonnie were both flown away with the angels within 3 days of each other. Even though they will be missed dearly, at least they will not suffer anymore.

              "In the arms of the angels,
               Fly away from here.
              You're in the arms of the angels,
               May you find some comfort there."- Sarah McLachlan

                                                          We miss you both so much our little Bon Bon 2001 - 2013
                                                            and my mother Zelda Murray 1931 - 2013.
                                                                              Charlotte Michael
In memory of Pat and George Harris with Heavensent Papillons
They were our first Papillon friends, as well as our mentors.
They were the owners of our second Papillon love, Heavensent Nike Air.
Although we already owned one papillon, their support and friendship further influenced
our love of the Papillon breed.
                       Joyce Young and Paul Meece
In Loving Memory of STEVEN TURNER, owner of three beloved Papillons who continue to reside with his wife Maurine Turner.
Remembering Maria Silva Kuhn who loved little dogs.
                                     Jack Calbert
In Loving Memory of Jim Watson.
Our Friend and Director of PapHaven, has gone to the Rainbow Bridge to gather up the Paps waiting to cross over with him.
He was the dear husband of Andy Watson, who together have two wonderful sons. Both Andy and Jim have been active and supportive of PapHaven and have had many foster Papillons pass through their home. The picture is of Andy & Jim with Bonnie – their first Papillon who was responsible for their interest in helping to rescue Papillons and also for taking management positions with PapHaven.
In memory of Charlotte Bacon, who dreamed of becoming a veterinarian. This angel was taken from this world in the tragedy at Sandyhook Elementary. Her favorite color was pink.
Honoring Nell McKay by Elizabeth & Dudley Schneider
REMEMBERING  Marion Smith DVM for her cheerful and excellent veterinarian care of my many animals.  Bootz misses do I.

Born Feb. 4, 1957, and passed from this life on March 31, 2014. Her very large family was always near, as were her many pets and friends. She was an accomplished veterinarian and an animal advocate both locally and nationally. She opened her practice as All Creatures Animal Hospital in 1991. She dedicated her life to the care and treatment of all animals regardless of the ability of their owners to pay and dedicated many hours of her time to animals in need.

Her great capacity of love and caring for all local pets will be greatly missed, but the tradition will continue as her practice continues on.
She was a friend to both myself and my pets as well as to our rescue organization, Papillon Haven Rescue.
           Jan Jorolan

I'd Like the memory of me
to be a happy one.
I'd like to leave an after glow
of smiles when life is done.
I'd like to leave an echo
whispering softly down the ways,
of happy times and laughing times
and bright and sunny days.
I'd like the tears of those who
grieve, to dry before the sun
​of happy memories that I leave
when my life is done.​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Remembered By:

​Thomas & Mary Olsen
Susan D Anderson
Stacy Collings
David & Heather Jenner
Randy & Jennifer Gaskins
Jerome G Besler
Andrea C Peterson
Kathleen a McClellan
Black Hills Dog Training Club
Honoring Bernadette Postle​
                                ​by GoToRovers –Troy Bossard & Sheri Scarborough
Memorial for Elaine Kerry Courtenay
From W.Scott Kerry​
In memory of my mother, Helen Julian, January 25, 1920 - February 18, 2015.​
She loved my Papillons and they loved her. The ones that passed before I am sure met her at the Rainbow Bridge.
                 Pat Idleman​

In Memory of Zander
He never barked... he WOO'ed... so his other nick name was Woo Woo
       - Jodylynne Rowswell​​​
Honoring Ellen Stewart
                     - Diane Johnson
In memory of Loteki A Party Favor, CDRN (“Benji”) owned by Cecelia Servas 
​                 - Debbie Kaminski
In Memory of Louise Rosser
           - ​Florence Seletzky
Deante "Papi" Ruffin-Smith, 12 years old.
​​A hugger, model, family man, baby, & friend. A true gentle & intelligent Papillon. Inspiring, Loving, at times Trying, & Motivating. ​​We traveled across the U.S. & overseas USAF.
My Light thru storms, I'll miss you. - Aisha Ruffin​​

On behalf of club member Mary Lou Mason in memory of their beloved Papillon “Maddie” (Madame Butterfly)

                                     - Five Flags Dog Training Club of Pensacola FL
We would like to make a donation in Honor of your member/supporter Don Spence. While not an official member of the Amarillo Obedience Training Club, he graciously makes himself available to us and fulfills roles that are hard to fill.
                                  - Amarillo Obedience Training Club, Amarillo TX
In memory of Smokey who was 14 & Queen who was 18.  Both were loved and long lived.    - Pat Ebaugh
In memory of our beloved Chester who died peacefully surrounded by love on September 17, 2015.  We were so fortunate to have had him in our hearts for 14 years. 

            - Tom, Barb & Tamara Snyder

In honor of Ann Turpin on her Birthday.
                                                     From: Mike and Sonia Wilson
Happy Birthday Trisha Brewer,
                  from Mom
In loving memory of Aubrey Joseph Lynch Jr.
Aug 10, 1934-Aug 13, 2015

A brilliant, adventurous, dog-lover. He will be greatly missed.
Donation in Honor of Blair & Nell McKay
- Elizabeth & Dudley Schneider
for Wesley: His sweet personality has brought us much joy and we are grateful to PapHaven and Shannon Johnson for bringing us together with Wesley.
                - Loretta Nault
Remembering MAX beloved Papillon of Mary Randolph.

            - Kathy Bilello
Donation made  in Honor of beloved PHR adopted Jack for Daughter Mary Grace.

       - Lynch Family

In honor of Andy Watson 
          - Melany Watson
In Loving Memory of Sweet, Active Phalene Chase, who was with us for 14 1/2 years.
Dad & Mom - Bill Hale & Judy Matthies

In memory of Louie, the beloved Papillon belonging to Gail Holt

                                -Sally Furse
In loving memory of VICKI BRUESEHOFF, October 11, 1944 - May 18, 2016.

Vicki was a true lover of the Papillon and was owned by four Paps during her
life. She was a caring friend with whom I shared many happy days. She
enjoyed a successful business career and traveled extensively, but nothing
brought her more pleasure than her beloved dogs. Till we meet again my
friend take care of all our little butterflies over the bridge!

       - Nancy Pinke
In memory of RICHARD ("Dick") ELLISON who passed away May 18, 2016 at the age of 88. Dick and his wife of 59 years, Clara, bred quality Papillons
under the "Pacemaker" prefix. Pictured with Dick is their national
speciality winner, Ch. Pacemaker Ultra Supreme. They were some of the first
Papillon people I met when I became interested in the breed. They became my
friends and invited me to ride along to my first Papillon specialty show.
Always kind and generous people, they were friends, mentors, and traveling
companions for many years. Dick was a devoted husband, father, and
gentleman. Thank you Dick for many happy days and wonderful memories...till
we meet again!
           - Nancy Pinke
In the memory of Willie and Tommy
          -Jill and Jeremy Frazier.
In Memory of Gizmo Hall
         - Deborah Zitny
In Memory of Belle
           from Barb & Jim Rivard
Godspeed, my Duncan. See you on the other side.

"There is a cycle of love and death that shapes the lives of those who choose to travel in the company of animals. It is a cycle unlike any other. To those who have never lived through its turnings or walked its rocky path, our willingness to give our hearts with full knowledge they will be broken seems incomprehensible. Only we know how small a price we pay for what we receive; our grief, no matter how powerful it may be, is an insufficient measure of the joy we have been given." by Suzanne Clothier
Judy Geroni
Our wonderful Troy, died a peaceful death Nov. 10, 2016. He was 16 +yo and had not been doing well for sometime.   He was my very first foster Papillon.  His adoptive parents, Butch and Jackie Cantwell, loved him greatly - as he loved them.... and for some mysterious reason, he always remembered me when our paths crossed at PCA Nationals.
You will always be in my heart.
Jan Jorolan
REMEMBERING CHIANTI, beloved Papillon of Peggy Barnthouse.
                                 by Michelle Sarkan
Honoring my Friend, Robin Efan
      by Maureen Skelley
REMEMBERING our BELOVED ROCKY who gently and peacefully passed away from kidney disease.  No creature can take his place in our hearts.
 He is dearly missed.

    Valarie Milazzo
In MEMORY of a Papillon lover, Fred Moss, who passed away April 2017.
by Lillian Saroia
Mrs. Alma Mason is REMEMBERED by friends that knew her, and how
she loved her Papillon Kinsey.

  Bill & Charlotte Vermillion
   Blue Grass Darting Assoc
   Sherrilynn Lanter
   Carmel Lee Marple
                              In Loving Memory of Joe H. Weidemann, father of Joyce Young,
                              grand father of Sheena, Skyler, Baby Kiss, Nico and Gonzo. 
As well as Sapphire, Stetson, Stasia and Iris waiting at the Rainbow Bridge.
  In MEMORY of James A. Lenahan, Jr. brother of Nora Lenahan.
               by Judith Perkins​
In MEMORY of sweet Jesse Sundberg, beloved Papillon of Nancy Sundberg, brother to Chilli and cousin to many.

Doris Gragg
T.J. Oglesby
Tamara Sue Roe
Paula Dane
Amamda Bour
and Many More who also donated in Jesse's Memory

In Memory of my Friend's sweet Papillon Mickey Hawkins.
                                              ​Pamela Knapp
                     Zoe wasn’t a Papillon but her dog friends were so she claimed the breed. Never has a dog brought more joy into one man’s life. So loved and so missed.
Honoring Jessica Llewellyn of Oklahoma
from  Melissa Harper
Honering Marianne Van Zeeland
from Jaci Kassmeier

In loving memory of Chaney (ChayChay) - so full of sweetness
and love! He brightened every room and warmed everyone’s heart!

He is dearly missed by his family.
Mom Susan Pickering
Sandra Cunningham
Debbie Decker

                              Our dear Casey,
our baby, our friend, our companion, after 13.5 years together - we miss you so much.
Your favorite thing in life was just hanging out with your family. You were so good to us,
always tried to please us, and always let us hug you when WE needed it the most.
Remember that you will always and forever be part of our family. We will never, ever, forget you.
We know you are feeling better now at Rainbow Bridge and, some day, will see you again.
In Loving Memory of Charlie & Lucy.
by Elizabeth Schneider

Honoring my two boys, Jackson & Logan.
       with love, Linda Pintoff

In honor of Geoff Renaud, Ricky, and Ronnie
                                 by Mariah Summers

On behalf of Huxx & Carter B
 by Kristina Maze

In honor of Isabella
                        by John Tate
In HONOR of my Friend and PapHaven's Friend, Bob Foulk
and Remembering his sweet Papillon SNAPPER.
jan jorolan

In memory of Mindy my beloved papillon.  May you rest in peace without pain.  I miss you curling up in my back at night and in my lap while I work.  I miss your happy dance when you are about to be fed.  You have definitely left pawprints on my heart!   Until we meet will always be in our hearts.
Steve & Mary Lou Mason
LILLY  in honor of my dog sitter Fetcha Goettsch ’s dog (Lilly) that passed away in June of 2016.
Amy Lykens

In Honor of Nancy Sundberg's father  D. Pierce,
                                                  Joe & Tamera Roe

In MEMORY of CLOVIS,   She was much loved and an amazing Papillon.  She gave comfort and pleasure to many people during a very long life as AKC Companion Dog & Distinguished Therapy Dog. Hundreds of hearts were warmed by her visit to those in sheltered lives.  May she fly free...

Mary L. Berra

In memory of Jolie, who gave so much love and was loved in return.
from Kristin by her Friends
                                Josette L Rice  1953-2020
Jojo was a lover of butterflies who as a master gardener raised flowers for monarchs and chased lizards with her four papillons. She is incredibly missed by her spouse, Wendy Emerson, and the fabulous four- Cailin, Teagen, Danny Boy, and Tahoe.